With a perfect combination of experiences, innovative technologies and designs, “B-HA Stone and Interior Design” introduces itself to the market as a new wave of the industry established in 2006. “B-HA Stone and Interior Design” is the latest company in Boonkangwan Group which is one of the biggest stones mine operators in Thailand. Boonkangwan is well-known from its unique stone named “Fah Nam Dib” which means “the blue colored stone from Nam Dib district” that can be found only in Boonkangwan’s stones mine. The stone mine located in Tak Province in West of Thailand. Main outputs of the mine are various types of fine Granites. Not only Granites including “Fah Nam Dib” but B-HA also provide imported fine quality stones like Granite, Marble and Granito from Europe, China, India, Brazil Vietnam and other sources around the world.

Combining more than 20 years experiences in stone industry of Boonkangwan and its various stones products both domestic produced and international imported with young dynamic management team of B-HA Stone and Interior Design generating an integrated stone and interior design company with superior quality stone products and delighted interior design.

B-HA Stone and Interior Design aim at providing the best quality stones and interior design services to our valued customers. We provide various types of stones directly from our own stones mine as well as interior design service from our professional designers using stones as main decoration materials to our customers. At B-HA Stones and Interior Design you can trustfully rely on our products and services. We are flexible to respond to your requirements and we are well understood your business and your needs.


To become stones and interior design leader in Thailand within 2020


  • Maintain the best stones quality and continuously provide best quality stones to customers.
  • Provide the most suitable interior design to customer’s requirements.

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